Scrap Metal

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Scrap Metal - Unclutter Your Home

Scrap Metal | L'hotes Hauling Service - Salt Lake City, UT

Do you have scrap metal cluttering up your home, garage, yard, or storage space? The good news is that scrap metal can be recycled. The even better news is that we pick up most scrap metal for you!

What kinds of scrap metal do we haul away? Just about anything, including:

Appliances—Water heaters, dryers, air conditioners, stoves, ovens, double ovens, ranges, microwaves, barbeques, dishwashers, washers, front loaders, swamp coolers, lawn mowers

Vehicles And Parts—Cars with titles, motorcycles, trailers, ATVs, riding mowers, 3-Wheelers, 4-Wheelers, snowmobiles, car batteries, aluminum wheels

Furniture And Construction—bed frames, steel tubs and sinks, fencing and pipes, exercise bikes

Even E-Scraps And E-Waste—Computers, laptops, printers, fax machines, cameras, other electronics

Anything Not On This List—Call us and ask—we’ll probably take it!

Looking at that list above and wondering why we have e-scraps listed as part of our scrap metal removal service? There are many recyclable materials in electronics such as copper wires and other recyclable scrap metals. You’re not alone if you have an older printer sitting in the garage or a dusty computer taking up space in your home office. We can help you get rid of this unsightly junk today!

If you have scrap metal lying around, we know you want to get rid of it! It’s ugly and in the way. But don’t just throw it out! Make the environmentally friendly choice of recycling your scrap metal. Regardless of the condition of your scrap metal, responsible recycling can turn it into a new, useful product.

And we make recycling scrap metal easy with scrap metal removal! We have 16 years worth of experience, so rest assured we’re prepared to handle any scrap metal removal in an efficient, professional, and safe way.

L’Hotes Handyman Service is commercially licensed to remove scrap metal in the entire state of Utah. Whether you’re in Salt Lake City, the greater Salt Lake County, or anywhere in the counties of Davis, Weber, Tooele, or Summit, we will come pick up your scrap metal for you. Contact us today to schedule a scrap metal pick up!